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Livestreaming so easy, your "I'm not techie" staff can do it.

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    Stream your services from anywhere.

    Download the MemoryShare Camera iOS app to record and stream anywhere with the touch of a button.

    For in-house camera systems, use the MemoryShare Stream Engine to stream and record via RTMP.

    MemoryShare funeral webcast set up, an iPad tablet displays a moving image of a cemetery. A phone displays the MemoryShare funeral livestreaming app.
      Tablet and phone displaying a funeral livestream on a funeral home obituary page.

      Livestream IN your obituaries.

      Did you know Facebook Live videos don't appear in Google Search? This means going live on Facebook does not help you reach more people organically.

      We built MemoryShare to solve this problem and grow funeral homes. We're designed to make families come to you and stay with you.

      Create a service in your MemoryShare portal, use our app to record or livestream and keep your videos directly inside your obituary page.


      In 30 seconds – you increased traffic and leads to your website, created generational value for a family, and gained a competitive edge in your market.


        Livestream and record with one device.

        MemoryShare records the livestream to your device while you're streaming. When the services ends, the recording is immediately available. You can also trim and upload the video for those who missed the livestream.
        Videos stay on your pages for as long as you are subscribed.

        A tablet displays a funeral webcasting uploading to your funeral home's website.

        Increase your call volume by 10% in your first year with MemoryShare.

        Get started in 5 minutes or less.

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